Before you buy a new gun online check with us: our prices are almost always as good as you'll find online!

We're happy to handle your private party transfers or transfers from other dealers. Our standard rates are:

  • $35.00 per firearm
  • $100.00 per NFA item (silencer or short barreled rifle)

Private Party Transfers

Washington State requires that for all firearms transferred between private individuals, the recipient must undergo a background check. The process looks much the same as the process for purchasing a new firearm, with the same requirements that will trigger a waiting period:

  • The federal (NICS) background check returns a status of "Delayed"
  • The firearm being transferred is a handgun
  • The firearm being transferred is a semi-automatic rifle
  • The transfer is an NFA item

If the firearm being transferred is a handgun, the buyer should be sure to bring their Washington State concealed pistol license (if they have one: it's not required, but it makes things easier).

Important: If the seller leaves the store without their firearm and the buyer's background check results in a denial, the seller must go through the transfer process to have the firearm returned to them. This includes a background check and any applicable waiting period. If the seller's background check results in a denial, the seller may enter into a consignment agreement with us or forfeit the firearm to us.

We recommend that the seller remain in the store for the duration of the transaction. If the background check ends up delayed, the seller can leave with the firearm and avoid a second transfer back to themselves if the background check is later denied.

Dealer Transfers

We can accept incoming transfers from other dealers. We do have some requirements for transferring firearms through us:

  • The person picking up the firearm must be the person who purchased the firearm
  • For firearms received from out of state, Washington State sales tax must be collected
  • You must let us know about the transfer before initiating the transfer (use the form below)

We'll process the transfer as required by law, including a background check and any applicable waiting period.

Important: If your background check results in a denial, we will ship the firearm back to the sender at your expense. We cannot transfer the firearm to anyone else.

Alternatively, you can consign the gun with us for sale.

Tell Us About Your Dealer Transfer

For private party transfers there's no need to fill out this form, just come on into the store.