We’re happy to handle your in person private party transfers or transfers from other dealers or online purchases. Our standard rates are:

If we receive a firearm with magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds, we will not be able to transfer the magazines. All such magazines will be removed from the firearm and will not be included in the transfer.

Select how you will be transferring your firearm:

We can accept incoming transfers from other dealers. We do have some requirements for transferring firearms through us:

  • The person picking up the firearm must be the person who purchased the firearm
  • For firearms received from out of state, Washington State sales tax must be collected
  • You must let us know about the transfer before it arrives in our shop (use the form below)

We’ll process the transfer as required by law, including a background check and any applicable waiting period. When you come to pick up your new firearm, bring your government issued ID showing your current address and your receipt. We’ll need the receipt to verify that the seller collected Washington State sales tax.

If your background check results in a denial, we will ship the firearm back to the sender at your expense. We cannot transfer the firearm to anyone else.

Tell Us About Your Firearm Shipment

When a firearm is transferred between private individuals Washington State requires the recipient to undergo a background check . The process looks much the same as the process for purchasing a new firearm, with the same requirements that will trigger a waiting period:

  • The federal (NICS) background check returns a status of “Delayed”
  • The firearm being transferred is a handgun
  • The firearm being transferred is a semi-automatic rifle
  • The transfer is an NFA item
If the seller leaves the store without their firearm and the buyer’s background check results in a denial, the seller must go through the transfer process to have the firearm returned to them. This includes a background check and any applicable waiting period.

There’s no need to make an appointment for a private party transfer. Just bring the firearm and both the buyer and seller to the store. We do ask that you arrive at least half an hour before closing time to ensure that we have enough time to complete the transfer.